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Meet Gizzle, the Ty Dolla $ign's queer female writing partner, who's also written for Travis Scott, Kevin Gates, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Boosie, B.o.B, Diddy, G-Eazy, Iggy Azalea, & LIl Yachty

2019.11.08 20:23 TheRoyalGodfrey Meet Gizzle, the Ty Dolla $ign's queer female writing partner, who's also written for Travis Scott, Kevin Gates, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Boosie, B.o.B, Diddy, G-Eazy, Iggy Azalea, & LIl Yachty

Y'all made have heard of Gizzle from "Jump" by Lupe Fiasco, but she's a pretty great rapper in her own right. She's also a ghostwriter and butch lesbian, which is cool.
Here's a summary of this P4k interview
She first got a writing gig from Nelly and Ma$e’s manager for his new signee, B2K boy bander Lil Fizz, who was striking out on his own. Gizzle had never written for another artist before, but she rose to the occasion and even penned Fizz’s local hit “Beds” on a bus ride.
Gizzle’s first major placement and credited work came under the auspices of her early mentor, legendary producer Teddy Riley, who is her god-brother’s father. Riley had been tapped to help produce Snoop Dogg’s 2008 album Ego Trippin’ and asked Gizzle to help write songs for it.
“Back then, there were no girls writing for boys,” she recalls. “I wrote full songs that Snoop rapped word-for-word.” Riley was drawn to Gizzle due to her unique ability to not only execute but also to conceptualize—a rare talent. “I’ve witnessed Snoop Dogg say, ‘Lady G what would you do? What’s your take on this?’” says Riley over the phone. “Most writers just write about what they’re told to write about, but she comes up with the concept. That’s how Pharrell was.”
Diddy: “She’s a one-of-one. If you’re trying to do the same thing everybody else is doing, it’s probably not the best use of her time. You need that unique type of perspective, especially if you’re trying to do something that’s going to shake the game up.”
Ty$, who has worked with Gizzle since 2008, is drawn to her open-mindedness and versatility as a writing partner. “She can talk about anything,” he says. “I fuck with her on every level when it comes to writing. She’s just not afraid to say shit.” Though she’s one of just a handful of women writing for men in hip-hop, for Ty$, her identity as a queer woman is an advantage: “You know she gets both sides ’cause Gizzle got bitches too!”
And interpreting a rapper or singer’s creative goal means taking an immersive approach: “I’ll be over here talking with them, and then actually hanging out and partying with them and knowing exactly what they on.” Though she’s written complete songs for artists, she makes it clear that she often plays a smaller role in a song’s creation. “If I work on a song with T.I. or Kanye or Jay Z, don’t think I’m writing these mans’ raps!”
For Gizzle, a songwriter need not be the one who comes up with all the lyrics and melody by herself. In the studio with clients, she moves between the roles of writer, coach, editor, idea person, and the one who simply sets the mood for optimal creativity. “I’ll do whatever my role calls for me to do,” she says. “So if that’s just coming through with the ambiance or giving my support, like, ‘That shit’s hard’ or ‘You can do that shit better,’ I’m into all of that.” Most great things are the result of a concerted effort, and songs are no different: “People can’t be narrow-minded about what the actual process is—there are very few hit songs where you only see one or two names in the credits.”
From a Pitchfork interview:
Gizzle attributes this shift, in part, to the era of transparency we live in today. “Something that’s supposed to be a flaw about you is becoming the positive now,” says the rapper, who came out when she was 15. “People in general are craving individuality and authenticity.” For her part, Gizzle isn’t interested in crusading to make hip-hop more socially progressive; a more inclusive landscape will be the byproduct of her success. She plans to win not by argument but by action.
One of the songs she’s working on is written from the perspective of her 15-year-old self. She’s petitioning a local dope dealer to put her on: “Dope man, can I ride in your Murciélago?/While your eyes low/I’ma keep watch for 5-0/Just drive slow/Let me take a toke then show me the ropes.” Back then, she was tempted by the street life that some of her friends, and even her father, a Rollin’ 60s Crip, were involved in. “I wanted to do the same shit everybody else was doing, selling drugs and all that,” she explains. “I tried to do it a little bit but I couldn’t really go far in it, because the older people wouldn’t let me in.” That elder class of hustlers always saw something bigger and better for the gregarious young woman with the outsize personality and a gift for rhyming. Deep down, she saw more for herself too.
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2018.10.27 05:12 zoanthewriter My Old Town

Here's an original short story I wrote called My Old Town. Let me know what you think of it. I always wanted feedback on this story.

Chapter One Kenny was bored. He had been living a routine lifestyle for the past God knows however years. He went to his day time job at an insurance company. It was painfully tedious. All he did he was try to sell insurance to bunch of old people, who only purchased it because of fear of physical health problems down the line, which they capitalized and manipulated on... or for paranoid overprotective parents who wanted to ensure nothing bad could ever come to their children. He has been working at this job for about 4 years now, and was already disinterested in all that it had to offer. He had a boss, that was like a typical boss in the workforce. Demanded the best from his employees while rewarding minimally and frugally. Like most bosses, he didn't care about being liked. All he cared about was the zeros coming into his bank account. His boss wasn't all that bad though. Personal conversations wasn't far and few in between, and he enjoyed the conversations he had with his boss. He just wished he wasn't such a good actor. Kenny's boss pretended like he generally cared for the well being of his employees, but he knew it was just all an act. Like he stated before, all he really cared about was the zeros in his bank account. Kenny was currently sitting on the chair accompanied to his desk in the room. He had the latest gaming entertainment system and a big TV to enjoy his recreational time. However, he found video games to be boring in general. He only purchased it because it was the modern fad, and he felt like it would help pass time by. But it didn't. It would seldom work, as he had a game or two that he enjoyed playing. The latest game he actually finished was a RPG game called Mermona 5. It was about a group of high schoolers who fought against corrupt adults in a metaverse. It was cheesy, but Kenny genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed it. His high school life was nothing compared to these crazy teenagers, but it was something that kept him entertained the whole way through. He was now playing a Zombie Apocalypse game, but found the gameplay slow, rather boring. Like stated before, he was bored. The gaming entertainment system offered a free movie, and TV show subscription. Kenny spent a good 10 minutes scrolling through his options. He used to really enjoy watching movies, particularly with a lady friend, but he was used to watching them alone now. He was extremely sick of all the cinematic trends these days. There was only a surplus of superhero movies, which weren't all bad, and some that Kenny enjoyed, but he definitely did have a superhero movie fatigue going on. Furthermore, everything felt like lies. All the actors and actresses had to pretend for the audience sake and that's what turned off Kenny. These people had to live fake lives, play pretend roles, all for the sake of their audience. Something about that rubbed Kenny off the wrong way, As for friends, why didn't Kenny contact any of them? To be honest, he cut off ties with all of them, sick of their lying and deceiving nature. He had an aboundful of friends in his younger days, but he realized they were all predicated on something not genuine. With some, he blew up on them, with years or rage pent up, subconciously and consciously. With others, he just left their lives quietly, without ever publicly announcing that was cutting ties with them. With no plans, and nothing to do, Kenny decided he would go to a local popular bar. It was called Toni Toni's. It was a good 20 minute drive, enough for Kenny to do some thinking while driving. That's what he enjoyed during his personal time. Whether it was his commute for work, or driving for personal enjoyment, he enjoyed thinking while driving in his car. He used to be a big fan of music, but like the movies and tv shows, he felt that artists were just people who had to pretend for their audience's sake. He drove with pure silence now. He pulled up to Toni Toni's and entered. The bartender asked for how many, and he replied, “Just one.” Usually, people are the type to be embarrassed about eating/dining at an establishment alone. Kenny couldn't care any less. The truth was, Kenny didn't really care about anything. He was completely apathetic to everything in life. I don't know if he would classify himself as depressed, as he didn't feel like he wanted to kill himself or anything like that, but he knew one thing: He wasn't happy. He drank a pitcher of beer to himself, and thought to himself, “What am I doing here?” He looked at the crowd of faces in the bar. There was the usual. A group of youngsters who just turned 21 and had to spent a night out at Toni Toni's, a couple that just wanted to have a night out together, a group of brodies that were having a bro's night out, and some familiar faces that could have been some people he went to high school with.Then he saw a group of women who piqued his interest. They were an attractive bunch of 5 girls, discussing about something. Kenny couldn't help but eavesdrop on their conversation. It was about some writer or something that one of the woman liked. Not wanting to his extend his stay, he decided to get going. Coming to Toni Toni's wasn't such a bad idea, but it wasn't a good one either. He headed outside, and was about to open his car door, when he heard a woman call out his name. “Kenny! OMG. Is that you?!”, exclaimed the woman. Kenny turned around to see who it was. It was Renee. “Renee. What's up. Yeah. Its me.”, said Kenny. Kenny couldn't tell if he was disappointed to see Renee or not. She wasn't a complete stranger, but she wasn't a close friend either. Just someone very random. “I haven't seen you in like forever. You been like a ghost. No one knows what you been up to. How the hell have you been?”, said Renee. “I been all right. Could be better.”, said Kenny. “Were you planning to leave? I didn't mean to bother you at all.”, said Renee. “Yeah I was planning to go, but I could chit chat and talk.”, said Kenny. “Cool. I was actually getting some weed from my car. You want to toke up?”, asked Renee. “Sure. That be pretty cool. I could use some grass.”, said Kenny. “Get in my car. We're gonna hotbox it.”, said Renee. “Haha, all right.”, said Kenny. They both got inside Renee's car. Kenny didn't know it, but a conversation with an old friend, to talk about the things of their old town, was exactly something he needed. He was going to have a fun time with Renee. Chapter Two Kenny got inside Renee's car. It was a red Mini Cooper. The car already reeked of weed and cigarettes. It was fairly clean, however, which was a starking contrast. Kenny assumed Renee smoked a lot in her car. “I just picked up this strain. It's one of my favorite. It's called 'Gone With The Wind'.”, said Renee. “What kind of strain is it? Sativa or indica?”, replied Kenny. “It's a hybrid.”, said Renee. “Cool. I like hybrid.” “Here. You can take the first hit.”, said Renee. Renee loaded up a bong that was loaded with a bowl. Kenny was somewhat wary. He was used to only smoking through pieces and tiny bubblers. He knew bong rips were strong, but he didn't want to look like a wuss in front of Renee. He decided to take a fat rip. It felt good. He handed over the bong to Renee, who proceeded to take a hit. They were both taking turns taking hits from the bong. They were probably 3 bowls in. The conversation started. “When's the last time you visited Borrance?”, asked Renee. “Me. Can't remember. It's been years. Probably like 5 years.”, said Kenny. “Geesh?! 5 years. It's been that long. You should visit. That's our hometown.”, said Renee. “I don't know. Just too many bad memories.”, replied Kenny. “What about you? When's the last time you visited?”, asked Kenny. “I visit pretty frequently. Just about a month ago or so.”, replied Renee. “I know people were fucked up to you, but that doesn't change the fact you were raised there and grew up there.”, said Renee. “I know, but just fuck everyone.”, said Kenny. “Haha. I understand. I would feel the same if I was you. I guess even Kind Kenny has his limits.”, said Renee. “Yeah...”, mumbled Kenny. “You still dating Kyle?”, asked Kenny. “Haha nah. We broke up a while ago. Dang, if you think I'm still dating Kyle, that just goes to show how long it's been since we caught up.”, said Renee. “Why'd you guys break up, if you don't mind me asking.”, asked Kenny. “I don't know. Things just didn't work out. I think we just got tired of each other.”, said Renee. “Hmm yeah. I see.”, said Kenny. “What about you? Any lucky lady in your life since I last seen you?”, asked Renee. “Nah. I been single for a while now. I haven't dated anyone since Melissa.”, said Kenny. “WHAT?! Get out of here. Seriously no one?!”, reacted Renee. “Yeah... nobody.”, replied Kenny. “Whatever the hell happened to you two? Everybody thought that you two would be the high school sweethearts that would make it.”, said Renee. “Like you. Just life.”, replied Kenny. “Is it true? I know you don't like to talk about it. But that you forced her to get an abortion.”, asked Renee. “God no! You believe in those rumors too much like everyone else Renee.”, said Kenny. “Then how come there was that infamous day, when she was bawling her eyes out. Everyone knew it was about you.”, said Renee. “It's a long story.”, said Kenny. “I got all the time in the world my friend.”, said Renee. “*sigh* fine. I'll tell you.”, said Kenny. “Long story short, I cheated on Melissa with Karina. But Karina gave me an STD. I didn't tell Melissa for the longest time. The only reason she found out was because she was getting problems in her junk, and went to the doctors and they confirmed she got an STD. And of course, Melissa was faithful to me so it left her with the only conclusion that I was cheating on her. That's why she was bawling her eyes out. She had to find all that out in one day.”, said Kenny. “Wow. That is crazy. Who knew Karina had an STD huh?”, said Renee. “You're an asshole for cheating on Melissa?! How could you? That girl really loved you.” “It was just spur of the moment. I am a man, Renee.”, said Kenny. “But don't get me wrong. I felt really bad about it. It was weighing heavily on my conscience for months.” “Is that the reason you two broke up?”, asked Renee. “One of the many. She was going out of state for college anyways, but yeah the cheating was one of the biggest reason. After that, things were never the same. She never quite trusted me the same.”, said Kenny. “I wouldn't blame her. I would be the same too if someone cheated on me and got me an STD the same time.”, said Renee. “How come you never dated anyone after her. That's been YEARS yo!”, said Renee. “I don't know. I tried. But it's just too much of a hassle. The getting to know each other part is too tedious. It just feels like being interviewed and being questioned by a surveynaire or something.”, said Kenny. “Yeah... I know what you mean. Well are you guys still friends?”, asked Renee. “Nah... We're not.”, replied Kenny “Why not?”, asked Renee. “I don't know... I kind of fucked up. When she got to college, she started dating this one fat fuck. And I was pissed. It's like she rebounded me with him out of all people. That just felt like complete disrespect. So I told her, “I'm disappointed in you. You could do better.”. And then she just got really pissed.”, said Kenny. “Hahaha! How cute. You were all jealous and stuff. Dang so that's the reason why you guys aren't friends?”, asked Renee. “Pretty much it.”, said Kenny. “Do you wish you were still friends?”, asked Renee. “To be honest. Yeah. I miss her. She was my best friend. We used to talk for hours on the telephone, we spent every wakening moment with each other. Cutting that off and losing all that just felt like too much of a loss for me.”, said Kenny. “But I haven't thought about it too much. I just accepted it. Melissa is just some girl from the past.” “I have hope you guys are going to be friends again.”, said Renee. “You guys were crazy about each other in high school. Those things last forever.” “Let's just hope you're right, Renee.”, said Kenny. “Dang I haven't talked this much in ages, especially about Melissa. Thanks for listening to all this.” “Haha no problem Kenny. That's what I'm hear for. You just left on such a bad note with everyone, I was worried you hated everyone.”, replied Renee. “In my heart, I do.”, said Kenny Renee punched Kenny in the arm. “Learn to forgive!”, shouted Renee. “You still making music? Your group was so talented.” “I been making some things here and there. I actually made a recent album. You want to check it out?” “Sure.”, said Renee. “It's long though. It's like about 30 minutes.”, said Kenny. Kenny busted out his black Nano ipod, and asked Renee for the Aux chord. He played her his most recent album that he made, called From The Ashes. It was 14 tracks. The track listing was this: From The Ashes Tracklist 1. Master 2 2. Tenacity 3. Mirror 4. Therapist 5. Bigger Man 6. Epiphany 7. Star 8. Freestyle 3 9. Legacy 10. Who Am I 11. Proposal 12. Shut The Fuck Up 13. Morning Happy Ending They spent the next 30 minutes listening to each song. Of course, Kenny would stop between each track just to get feedback and stuff. Kenny didn't know though, was how touched and impressed Renee was. It wasn't even just because they were high. It's because there was so much maturity, pain, and vulnerability in all the songs. Renee was moved. This was easily one of Kenny's best work. “So what do you think overall?”, asked Kenny. “I LOVED IT. You still got it man... Always been talented. Always knew you and your group was going to make it far. It's a shame you guys broke up.”, said Renee. “Yeah... What tracks are your favorite?”, asked Kenny. “I really liked Therapist, Master 2, Bigger Man, Star, and Shut The Fuck Up.”, said Renee. “Thanks. I like those too.”, said Kenny. “But Kenny... why be a solo act? You were part of a group that was so good. What made you guys break up?”, asked Renee. “Don't pretend like you don't know why we broke up.”, said Kenny. “I mean I know the gist of it all and stuff, but I don't know the whole story. Shit, I thought you made Melissa get an abortion so who knows the actual reason why you and the band broke up.”, said Renee. “We broke up because of CJ. Did you know CJ was gay for me all along?”, asked Kenny. “To be honest. Yeah.”, said Renee. “How was it that the whole school was in on it, and I didn't know the whole gooddamn time.”, said Kenny. “I felt like such a fool. They all lied to me. I was played.” “Is him being gay really that bad of a reason for the band to split?”, asked Renee. “Yeah it is. Because he lied to me. And it's not just that he's gay. It's that he's gay for me.”, said Kenny. “That lying ass snake did everything so we never hung out with girls after the show, always did things so he could try to spend one on one time with me, and all the band members were in on it. Not only that, he lied. He used girls that I was impressed with to create himself to be this womanizer stud that he wasn't. He was just some faggot. Let's not forget that ridiculous unneeded diss track that never even once addressed him being gay. I could have fired back... I could have made something infintely thousand times worse. But I didn't. All because he was once a homie.” “But he was your best friend wasn't he?”, asked Renee. “That's the part that hurts the most.. is that he was. But the sad truth was I didn't even know who he really was the whole time. I just admired a fictitious version of him.”, replied Kenny. “Why are you trying to make me consolidate things with him? Why does it feel like you are on his side?”, asked Kenny. “I'm not... I'm just trying to make you see things in a different perspective.”, said Renee. “You know everyone had high hopes for you guys. Everyone thought that you guys were going to make it big and make the city proud. We were all rooting for you. I think that's why it's so sad to see you guys split.”, said Renee. “Don't you miss the band?” “Of course I miss the band. Mike is one of the best guitarist and talented musician I know. I could listen to that fool play guitar all day long, and just have me freestyle while he plays. Jinju is one of the most talented female singers I know. But she got all big with the TV show hit single, and she never looked back. She was always meant for bigger things. The band was always holding her back. I don't know. It's like how could they root for me and CJ to be together when they know that I don't feel that way for him? I never liked some of the things CJ did as well. He always made it seem like we were the only rappers of the group. The other guys could rap. I always wanted to collab with the other guys and get them on tracks, but he somehow never allowed that. He was always just a snake.” “Do you miss CJ?”, asked Renee “Hell no. That guy can fucking die for all I care, and that's the honest to God truth.”, said Kenny. “That's a little harsh don't you think?”, asked Renee. “It is. But it's honestly how I feel.”, said Kenny. “Whatever. Why are we even talking about the band? It's been years since I last thought of them, and we split up and went to go do our different things.”, said Kenny. “You just bring up bad stuff Renee.” “Haha sorry. Didn't mean to. Just thought that they'd still be important to you.”, said Renee. “*Sigh.* You got any more weed left?”, asked Kenny. Kenny and Renee would take a few break to hit couple of more hits from the bong. Their conversation would continue. Chapter Three “Who are you even here with?”, asked Kenny. “I'm with some of my gang from high school. You know the usual. Aurash, Steven, Minji, Angeline, and Sandy. You don't want to go inside and see them?”, asked Renee. “Nah. Not really... Haha that sounds fucked up.”, said Kenny “Haha, such a recluse. You don't need to be this macho tough guy going at life alone.”, teased Renee. “I know. But you don't need to go back inside?”, asked Kenny. “Nah. I can just tell them that I ran into you. If anything, they'll call me if they're planning to do something else.”, said Renee. “Good. Cause I was enjoying talking to you, and wouldn't have wanted it to end.”, said Kenny. “Awww. Look at Kind Kenny being affectionate, just like how he used to be.”, joked Renee. “Haha don't call me Kind Kenny. You know I hate that nickname.”, said Kenny. “Kind Kenny! Kind Kenny! Kind Kenny!”, proclaimed Renee. “I hate you.”, said Kenny. “Haha whatever.”, said Renee “So what do you do now?”, asked Kenny. “I been waitressing. After college, I couldn't get any jobs because I had no experience. So I been doing that and just living at home with my parents.”, said Renee. “Sounds tough. Where do you waitress at?”, asked Kenny. “I waitress at The Revolver. It's an all you can eat sushi joint.”, said Renee “Sounds like you get good tip or something.”, said Kenny. “Yeah I do. It's just tiring as hell standing up all day.”, said Renee. “What about you? What has become of the hotshot of Borrance?” “I just sell insurance to people.”, said Kenny. “It's boring as fuck, but it pays the bill and it helped me get out of my parent's house so I can't complain.” “Niceee. How's living life alone?”, asked Renee. “Doesn't it get lonely?” “It's boring but it feels so damn good. I hated living with my parents.” “Why you hate them so much? I know we keep visiting topics you don't want to visit, but you're adopted right?” “Yeah. I am.”, replied Kenny. “They're just fucking liars. I asked them to tell me the origin of my family and my kinship so that I can find them, but they never tell me the truth.”, said Kenny. “Wow... Well they must have their reasons right?”, asked Renee. “What kind of possible reasons could be good enough to keep a man from his true identity. That's the worst part. Not knowing who I truly am.”, said Kenny. “Yeah. Sorry, wish I can relate with you on that one, but I can't.”, said Renee. “You don't have to feel bad or pity me Renee. Just talking about it helps.”, said Kenny. “I don't know everything about my life just fucking sucks. My friends all lied to me, my family is not of blood and keeps the very information that would bring me peace, and I'm stuck at a dead end job. Without music I'd be dead.”, said Kenny. “Then make more music.”, said Renee. “Yeah. You got a way of looking at life.”, said Kenny. “So I been told hehe”, replied Renee. “It's crazy, but why don't you have a boyfriend?”, asked Kenny. “If I didn't know any better, I think you're trying to flirt with me.”, said Renee. “I don't know. You're just a really cool girl. You're pretty too.”, said Kenny “Haha I don't know. Just haven't met Mr. Right, you know what I mean?”, said Renee. “Yeah. All I need is a woman to love me, and I'll be set. That's all I need. Then I can start my own family and give my children everything I never had or wasn't given.”, said Kenny. “You still got time. I believe you'll find your own happiness, and the truth. You just gotta give it time.”, said Renee. “Hope you're right.”, said Kenny. “Hey instead of talking about all these depressing things, let's get to know each other more and just have fun. Let's ask each other questions and stuff. It be like going on a date.”, said Kenny. “Ummm... all right. You start first.”, replied Renee. “Who do you think was the most talented person in my band?”, asked Kenny. “Oh geez. Such ego. Why did you have to start out with this one?”, asked Renee. “Haha I don't know. It seems like you're a genuine fan so I wanted to get a fan's perspective.”, replied Kenny. “What are you expecting me to say you? Want me to toot your own horn Mr. Insecurity.”, teased Renee. “Haha fine... It's obviously me, but how about besides me?,” asked Kenny. “I really liked Andrew. He was a good back up vocalist, guitarist, and a great song composer. I heard he arranged and mixed and mastered the tracks for you guys right?”, said Renee. “Yeah he did. He's a talented guy. He's producing his own stuff right now. I'm proud of him and his musical achievements.”, said Kenny. “Ok. Here's my question. You already cheated on Melissa, but if you could have fucked any girl while in your time on high school as if you didn't date her, who would you have picked?”, asked Renee. “Oh and not to toot my own horn, but you can't pick me,”, said Renee. “Woah! What kind of question is that?! So graphic... How did we go from band members to people we want to be fucking? Umm... all right. If I had to pick one, it would be Angela.”, said Kenny “Ah I knew you would pick her. All the guys were crazy about Angela.”, said Renee. “I mean look at her... how could you not be?”, confessed Kenny. “What about you. Who would you pick?”, asked Kenny. “Oh no question. I would fuck the shit out of Dylan.”, stated Renee. “What?! That's an interesting pick to say. You were always close with Brian... people always suggested yall two hooked up... Would have pegged him or something.”, said Kenny. “Please. That skinny pencil dick goon wished he got some yam from me.”, replied Renee. “Hahaha... pencil dick... I can totally imagine him with a pencil dick with that skinny body of his.”, laughed Kenny. “How many sexual partners have you had?”, asked Kenny. “14. I know. Don't judge me. I was going through a rough period of time after I broke up with Kyle, and I was just sleeping around to fill the void.”, said Renee. “How about you?” “Just two. Melissa and Karina. I peaked early haha. Haven't gotten laid in forever.”, said Kenny. “What's something you never told anyone else before?”, asked Renee. “I would kill my foster dad in an instant. Give me a gun and I'll shoot him without hesitation. Like you, don't judge me.”, confessed Kenny “Wow. Really?! Why?”, asked Renee. “Cause he's just such a fucking liar. He pretends like he loves me and all, but if he did, he would give me the information I so greatly desire and seek. Plus, he's just an actor. He acts like he's this hard working businessman who makes this long ass commute like he's some kind of family man, but he's just a bum. I know the money is coming in from somewhere else.”, said Kenny. “And the tale of the fucked up life of Kenny continues.”, said Renee. “How about you?”, asked Kenny. “I got roofied and raped. It was sometime in college. I was at a social gathering and there was this really creepy guy that wanted to fuck me for a long time. He basically roofied my drink and took advantage of me.”, said Renee. “Oh my god. I'm sorry to hear that. That's fucked up. Those kind of things should never happen. Can I ask you something? Would you kill him?”, asked Kenny. “At first I did. I really wanted to hurt that motherfucker, but now I'm okay. He's in jail now, so it's all good. I'm sure he's getting his due just.”, said Renee. “Damn. I guess I wasn't the only one going through hard times.”, said Kenny. Kenny was having a good time. For once, he was being social. He was learning to trust people again. And he was opening up. Who knew a night alone trying to drink at Toni Toni's would end up with having a wonderful time with Ms. Renee? “All right this one is cheesy, and I'm taking it down a notch, but what's your favorite pokemon?”, asked Kenny. “Haha what... such a child. Hmmm.... I stopped playing after gen 2. I would probably pick Espeon or Dragonair. Both so elegant in their design. It's a shame that thing evolves into a Dragonite”, said Renee. “What?! But Dragonite is so cool... I like your picks. I can see why you went for those.”, said Kenny. “What about you? What's your favorite pokemon?”, asked Renee “Ahhh that's too hard to choose. I would go with Arcanine or Mew. They're both so cool to me in my eyes.”, said Kenny. “Yeah. I like your picks too. Mew is everyone's favorite though.”, said Renee. “Yeah... but I don't know. I just really like the design.”, said Kenny. “All right. If you could have one super power, which one would it be?”, asked Renee. “Easy. Power of teleportation. You forget something at home, you can easily get it back. You'll never be late to anything. And you can travel the world for free.”, said Kenny. “What about you?” “I would pick the power to control fire That be super cool. It's like being like Fire fist Ace from One Piece.”, replied Renee. “What's your favorite Disney princess?”, asked Kenny “No doubt Mulan. She was the only princess that didn't actively search for a man to save her. She was a total badass being able to hang with the boys.”, replied Renee. “Mine is Rapunzel. I just resonate with her story the most, even though I'm a man. I also like how they made her strong, and not completely useless like some of the other princesses.”, said Kenny. “Yeah. Rapunzel is pretty cool.”, said Renee. Renee's phone buzzed. She got a text. It was from one of her friends. “Hey. Some of the people wanted to go karaoke and stuff. You down?”, asked Renee. Kenny was unsure of what he wanted to do. It's been a long time since he socialized with anyone and he was having a really good time with Renee. He knew he had nothing better to do and that refusing this offer would mean going home and staying alone for another lonesome night. He wasn't too fond of the people from high school. After all, they were all in on CJ being gay for him, but not telling him. But was that such a reason to still hold a grudge? “Yeah. I'll go.”, said Kenny. “Cool. We could use a rapper.”, said Renee. We're gonna go to 501. You good to drive right?”, asked Renee. “Yeah. I'm good. I'll cya there.”, Kenny said. Chapter Four Kenny drove to the karaoke location. It was called 501. It was not too far from Toni Toni's. About a good 5-10 minute drive. He was nervous to see people. How would they pretend to greet him? They all knew he didn't like them, and that he hated their guts. Would they be friendly? Would they be scared of him? He went inside. Everyone was already inside. There was Aurash, Steven, Minji, Angeline, Sandy, and Renee. They all greeted him in their own different way. “Ahhhh Kenny!! It's been ages my nigga.”, said Aurash. “Yeah. It has been. Good seeing you Aurash.”, replied Kenny. “Heard you met Renee in the parking lot. It be cool to catch up.”, said Minji. “Haha yeah...”, replied Kenny. The gang sang a bunch of songs. Some Justin Bieber joints, some Ed Sheeran songs, some Jason Mraz songs, some Keyshia Cole, some Taylor Swift, other classics like Camron's “Hey Ma”, and many more. Kenny sang his usual songs that he enjoyed. He sang “Don't Stop Me Now” by Queen, “Where Is The Love” by The Black Eyed Peas, “Changes” by Tupac, and a Korean song called 지원진다, by Kim Jong Kook. He missed going karaoke. It was in his nature to be a performer, and it felt good performing these songs in front of everyone. Later on Kenny would even sing a duet with Renee. They would sing a cheesy High School Musical song together. After another round of singing, the group was finally done. They had stayed in the karaoke room for about 2 hours. That was enough to satisfy Kenny's need to sing/rap and perform. Now here came the awkward part. The mingling and small talk that he dreaded so much. It was inevitable though and he knew that this was what he was signing up for when he decided to go with Renee and the group to karaoke. They were loitering around in the parking lot. Thus, the conversations began. “Yo. What made you come out to Toni Toni's?”, asked Steven. “I don't know. I was just bored. Wanted something to do.”, replied Kenny. “You came by yourself? C'mon Kenny! That's kind of sad.”, said Steven. “Yeah it is. I'm just a sad man now.”, replied Kenny. “You should come out with us. We come here every once in a while.”, said Angeline. “Yeah... maybe. I don't know. I just been doing my own thing.”, said Kenny. “What the hell you and Renee talk about? You were in the parking lot forever.”, asked Sandy. “Just stuff... life I guess.”, Kenny replied. “Can I be straight up with you guys? Why'd you guys lie about CJ being straight?” “We just had to man... He was crazy about you, and we wanted yall to be together.”, said Aurash. “Well what about me? You guys ever consider I didn't want any part of that.”, said Kenny. “We're sorry Kenny. We didn't know it would turn out the way it did.”, said Minji. “And you guys honestly thought him lying all this much, would somehow make me win affections or feelings for him?”, asked Kenny. “We just didn't know what to do. It was dumb but it was just the plan we went with.”, said Aurash. “But you guys were close as nails. It's almost as if you guys were actually dating, except without the physical and sexual part.”, said Angeline. “We were just close friends... Like how normal guys are if they aren't deceiving each other.”, said Kenny. “Look. We made our share of mistakes. What can we do to make it up to you? Tonight is your night, my man.”, said Steven. “Let's go to the view off Hawthorne.”, said Kenny. Kenny didn't know why he suggested it, but he wanted to go to Borrance's best viewpoint in town. It was going to be a bit of a drive, and the town is a place he hasn't visited for the longest time, but he felt like this is what he wanted to do. “All right. If you say so.”, said Renee. “Let's get going!” The drive there was a weird one. Kenny wasn't regretting the decision to go to the viewpoint, but he wondered why he was spending time with his deceivers. His conversation with Renee made him realize it's time to forgive and drop all the stuff from the past. People make mistakes, and they should always be given the chance to be forgiven. Plus, karaoke was fun, and it felt nice having a sense of camaraderie with people. He eventually reached the viewpoint. It was everything like he remembered. Breathtaking. Because it was the city's highest point, you could see all the stars, and there was complete isolation. This was one of Kenny's favorite spot to go to. He would come here late night for a smoke, or just to clear his head and his thoughts. Thankfully, he had couple of blankets in his car that he used as a mat for the gang to sit on. They didn't do much. Renee brought out the bong, and they just toked up and caught up. Kenny didn't realize how much life has changed for everyone. Because he had missed so much time in Borrance, he had so much catching up to do with everyone. He listened to everyone's story and what they were doing with their life. He didn't feel the need to talk. He had his fill with Renee from earlier, and didn't feel like discussing anything whether it be about Melissa, the band, or his foster family. The night would eventually end and they would split up and go their own way. Kenny came up with a resolve that night that he would follow up on when he would wake up. He was determined to follow this plan through, and was absolutely sure this was something that he needed to do. He went to sleep, eager for the next day to arrive, something which he hasn't felt for the longest time. Chapter Five Kenny woke up. He knew what he had to do. He sent a group facebook message to his old bandmates. He explained and apologized for his absence and his hiatus from the group's involvement. He asked them that he would like to make one more album together for old time sake. He waited patiently for their response. Unfortunately, people were either too “busy” or still upset at the way Kenny treated CJ. Mike was busy with work, and couldn't make it. Jinju was busy with her record label and her schedule was too jam packed to make it all the way back to Borrance or the city Kenny resided in. Andrew was actually on CJ's side and had a personal grudge against him so he didn't feel like working with him. Not surprisingly, CJ blocked Kenny so there was no way for him to receive the message. The other band mates all said they were too busy or ignored the message. Kenny wasn't too disappointed. He knew things would be like this. After all, he was the one who left them and was the reason they disbanded. He shrugged. He did what he can do on his end. Kenny would end up working on the project himself. He didn't have a title for it, but he finished the project within a month or two. He worked on it like a madman, and the finished product had about 12 songs. He would burn the tracks onto a disc, and would bury the CD onto the ground of his high school. This was his way of paying tribute, or honor the people that raised him. They lied to him, deceived him, humiliated him, but this was the least he could do. This went to go to show he hated them, but still deep down had love for his old town. THE END.
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2018.01.09 22:59 ThatParanoidPenguin [DISCUSSION] I've been curating a list (with a lengthy description for each song) of the most overlooked, underrated, slept on tracks since 2017 began. Here is the playlist of music for December 2017.


Hello everyone! It’s been quite the year. From Donald Trump to hurricanes to boxing matches to celebrity scandals, it sure was a tumultuous and unforgettable year. And with it, we have some unforgettable music. And since there’s so much going on, it’s easy to get lost and forget to freshen up your music library. So, I’ve done the work: 12 months, 325 songs from artists you’ve probably never heard of or songs you’ve somehow missed. And my general pop playlist has a massive variety of pop music, and I managed to reach 1000 songs before the year ended. And, since this is coming to a close, I have decided to do something extra for this final month. I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite tracks on this list from this year, as well as showcase some songs by artists that I missed (which will both be at the end of the list). Thank you all for sticking with this series to its completion, hope you found some songs you wouldn’t have found this year.
I made a post on /hiphopheads for the whole year of 2016 with some really good hip hop tracks that were slept on and had some pretty good reception. Since 2017 started, I decided to do the same for pop music - however, I quickly found out that there's so much good pop that it would be impossible to make an end-of-year post and keep it under 40,000 characters if I wanted to make it in-depth. So, I've decided to make a post every month or so.
Before I begin, here's a few notes:
I don't have a real metric for exactly how popular the song is allowed to be. I usually go off of Spotify plays, but I don't really use a number because there are songs that are massive somewhere and aren't popular here. All My Friends has like 200 million plays on Spotify and yet no one in this damn country (US) knows it exists. However, I wouldn't post it on here because the general pop community has probably heard it. I also won't add anything that got a good amount of votes on this sub.
I kinda cheat. If you want to listen to really good stuff without any of the work, I recommend Spotify (if you're on another music service, you might be out of luck. I used to use Songza, which is now GPM, and their playlists were absolutely the best around) playlists, specifically Fresh Finds: Hiptronix, and Discover Weekly (if you listen to a lot of pop). However, I find the best stuff so I'm kinda being an aggregator of aggregates, I guess.
The list is limited to one main artist, but if the artist is featured, they can be featured as much they possibly could. If there's a song you feel like I missed, it might be because of this. It also might be because I felt the song I chose was better than the ones left out. Also, I have a playlist I update once every week or more often with every single damn pop song I come across, regardless of popularity. Like the Slept On Pop playlist, it’s 1 song per artist, but features can have the same artist as many times as possible. Here it is, sitting at 60 hours of music with 1000 songs.


Without further ado,
Sasha Sloan - Runaway
“Strung out in the back of a black car, no keys, all I got is my credit cards,” Sasha Sloan reveals in the opening of Runaway. It’s a somber track, one that evokes bittersweet nostalgia, and even when it picks up in the chorus, there’s still a sense of meandering regret. You can almost taste the heartbreak, and in the final moments of the song, there’s depressive acceptance.
Danielle Bradbery - Can’t Stay Mad If you’re not aware, Danielle Bradbery is the season four winner of The Voice. A country singer with a knack for making poppy choruses work. Can’t Stay Mad is one of the poppiest country tracks I’ve heard, and without the instrumentation, it might be hard to take it for one. Either way, it’s a very nice track, and like many of her songs, the chorus is simply divine.
Xscape - Wifed Up
You may know Xscape as that 90s R&B group that spawned hits such as Just Kickin’ It and Understanding. Or you may not know them at all. That’s okay too. Storied history aside, Xscape’s first new track in nearly two decades deserves to be heard. It’s fresh, with a leftfield, indie electronic-leaning instrumental, and all the girls give their all. The result is probably the most interesting comeback single of 2017, in a year where most comebacks have been rather by-the-number. I can’t guarantee this will be a track anyone will care about a month or two after release, but the fact that I’m excited for an Xscape album in the 2010s is a testament to how good this track is.
Guordan Banks - Dear Friend (feat. Sonyae Elise)
A smooth and dreamy collaboration between songwriters Guordan Banks and Sonyae Elise. The former, writing for acts such as Keyshia Cole and John Legend, and the latter, recently winning Bravo’s Platinum Hit TV series (about aspiring songwriters), have a smoky duet here, an R&B track that is as soft as it is alluring.
R3HAB - Ain’t That Why (feat. Krewella
Krewella has always been quite the enigma for an artist. Getting their start in the dubstep scene, the two sisters first broke out with 2012 hit Alive. Nearly half a decade later, they still have quite the relevance in the dance community, and their newest effort with R3HAB proves this. A brief but catchy track, Ain’t That Why feels like a sleeper hit, a soft yet bombastic track with a damn good drop that seems to be one of the best results of a post-Chainsmokers EDM world.
Moon Taxi - Good As Gold
A thumping, pumping rock pop track that feels more Portugal. The Man than Imagine Dragons, Good As Gold is a bop, plain and simple. It’s the right amount of indie and the right amount of pop. It’s a track you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on alternative radio and get stuck in your head for the next week. And you won’t be ashamed to be bobbing your head to this pop rock track.
Matisse & Sadko - Into You (feat. Hanne Mjøen)
No, it’s not that Into You. Regardless, though, Matisse & Sadko have given us quite the smash. A short track from the Russian production duo consisting of two brothers with vocalist Hanne Mjøen, Into You is electrifying. It’s got a drop done right, some soft vocals, and some nice lyrics. It may follow a formula, but it does it as well as one could ask for.
POWERS - Georgie
Sexy, dancey, and brash. This track oozes finesse and charm, from the sultry delivery of “Georgie, Georgie!” to the wild and welcome synths. The song is great fun, and it doesn’t stop after it picks up, making every second count before it ends.
Le Youth - I Could Always (feat. MNDR)
“I could always lose you, so don’t get comfortable,” stands as the main mantra in this magnetic, mesmerizing collaboration. It’s a song that feels out of place and time, bedroom pop with nearly unwavering percussion, and MNDR is almost monotone here. And yet, it spirals on and on, and it’s hard not to be in a trance if you just let the song take you. Probably my favorite thing MNDR’s been attached to since Feed Me Diamonds.
Michael Brun - Easy On My Love (feat. Janelle Kroll)
A swirling dance pop track, Easy On My Love features Janelle Kroll drifting over a loose, sprawling instrumental. It’s easy on the ears, and yet a bit abrasive. It’s music for a picnic except the picnic takes place in the weird collapsing world of Inception or something.
Riton - Fake ID (feat. Kah-Lo)
It’s house music, but it’s more akin to something like M.I.A. than Swedish House Mafia. A pulsing dance beat is the basis for this track, and there’s moments that work more than others, but the slurred vocals mostly hit, chronicling this flurry of visuals that come with being out on the town. It’s dissonant, and deconstructs itself to a degree that feels like the right amount before it comes to a close.
Honors - Valleys
It’s dark, but about as dark as the single cover. Valleys has roots in indie rock, but it feels leftfield pop, curling and winding throughout its duration. The singer gives a bored but dynamic vocal performance, and the result is a track that feels fit for a sunny beach day in January – cold but with hints of warmth.
Cash Cash - Belong (feat. Dashboard Confessional)
File this under the weirdest collabs of 2017. Emo band Dashboard Confessional (a name I haven’t heard in a while), and DJ/brother trio Cash Cash deliver a song that somehow doesn’t suck (it’s actually kinda good!) while simultaneously missing the best pun opportunity of 2017 by not naming their group Cashboard Cashfessional. It’s the best possible to collaboration to come from both artists, and somehow actually works.
Wafia - Only Love
Bleep bleep bleep. A downtempo R&B-inspired track, Only Love is brief but bopping. It’s a prayer of confidence and a hope that everything will be okay because it’s “only love.” Unfortunately, it’s a self-aware one, and with the crashing synths, it’s clear it’s not only love.
Saro - Boy Afraid
Boy Afraid is haunting. “There’s a man in my closet, he whispers a sad song, his motives are dead wrong.” With dark synths, the song crawls as Saro gives pained vocals. There are moments of brilliance, like when the drums dominate in the final chorus, and the song truly reaches great heights.
Equippers Revolution - Senses
There’s a really nice combo here, with a cute indie pop stream of vocals, and a bright, bursting explosion of EDM instrumentation. Somehow, this combo works not only better than you would expect, but better than even that. It’s a sunny track that seems ripe for festivals, and I hope to hear it everywhere in a few months.
Goldwater - Day After Day
Deep and bellowing, Day After Day is a nice smatter of genres. From bluegrass-y guitar to dance to pop and everywhere in between, it sprawls quite the distance in its short runtime. It’s soft and wintry, much like the blue and purple single cover.
Raindear - Diamonds In My Chest
Diamonds In My Chest is as abrasive as its title, with echoed vocals, a violent instrumental, and just some good old general unease. It’s raw and visceral, with a chorus that is nearly high enough to break glass, and it sounds like screaming. It’s not your average dance, instead lingering and lingering like possessed purgatory pop. It’s scary.
Chloe x Halle - Grown
Quite an odd choice for one of the best songs of the year, but despite them being a quite young YouTube duo, Grown is amazing. It’s triumphant, sophisticated, and frankly, just really happy. They’re talented for their age, and backed by beautifully angelic production, they managed to drop one of the most compelling and dangerously catchy tracks of the month. Watch out for these girls, they’ll mess around and take over 2018.
Francis and the Lights - Just For Us
I choose to end this year on a victory lap. Francis and the Lights’ album of the same name arrived at the very tail end of 2017, a surprise release that took some of his synth-fueled passion project Farewell, Starlite! and streamlined the songs, opting for something even poppier than before. Just For Us is the poppiest of the bunch, a synthpop bop that encourages, celebrating the listener over what may be Francis’ most accessible beat yet. It’s a feel-good track to cap a year that was anything but, and as a result it’s emotional, jam-packed with genuine kindness, and beyond that, it’s just a great, cheerful track.

Artists that I missed in 2017:

Alexandra Savior - Girlie
A soft and lo-fi track, you’re given Lana Del Rey vibes, except Alexandra is seemingly more savage. “Talk about hollywood problems, she’s got em,” Alexandra bites. Savior doesn’t shy away from gore and expletives, and instead revels in them, perfectly fitting her gleamy indie rock stylings.
ALMA - Chasing Highs
Here’s an artist I missed earlier in the year, who you probably all know as the other feature on Charli XCX’s Out Of My Head. On Chasing Highs, ALMA delivers wonderful vocals on a bouncy and poppy track, almost an antithesis ALMA’s look, lil aaron-esque Hot Topic post-emo haute couture. And yet, parts of this fierceness creep into the track, making for something that avoids the normal pitfalls of dance-inspired pop.
Amy Shark - Weekends
She opened for Bleachers on their last tour, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of her in 2018. Weekends is a bright, brilliant track, indie enough to stand out, but with a strong enough chorus to impress. The video accurately portrays the low stakes yet high expression of this track, with Amy meandering around a supermarket, laying pensive in a display case and pacing around the aisles. It’s bedroom pop for an empty bed.
Bishop Briggs - Dream
For Piccprincess. Another artist who opened for Bleachers on their newest tour, Bishop Briggs may have been massive around the release of her masterful self-titled EP, but she isn’t getting the credit she deserves on this sub. Dream is simply pop perfection, a poppier take on the anthemic dark rock pop she has made before. It’s one of her strongest tracks, with a thumping beat that backs one of the strongest vocalists in pop today. Hopefully the world pays attention to this talented rising popstar this year.
DAGNY - Love You Like That
You can feel this track opening up, building up to a triumphant and brilliant explosion, and by god it does. It’s catchy, bombastic, and everything you ever wanted. From pulsing 80s synths to a vocal performance that makes this song, Love You Like That deserved to be a smash, and DAGNY deserves your attention.
Leikeli47 - Miss Me
“Miss me with the bullshit” Leikeli mutters. That’s a good summation of her career. She’s no gimmicks, an outspoken rapper who vibes on her newest record, a short but sweet track that is as eclectic as it is electric.
Luna Shadows - Youth
sasuke-lp asked for Luna Shadows to be featured on one of these lists, and I’m sorry I completely forgot to do this track earlier, but I figure now’s as good as a time as ever. Youth is a crashing, dynamic track that bounces from ethereal synthpop to pop-oriented rock with relative ease. This is a special artist, and it’s only a matter of time before we see her name more.
Nadia Rose - Big Woman
For letsallpoo. Yes, Nadia sounds like Cupcakke. Okay, now that that’s over with, Big Woman is a wild track, a product of London rap, but ends up feeling more cinematic than the average rap track. It’s loud, brash, and fun as hell, and that’s what I’m here for.
Nina Nesbitt - The Best You Had
For eklxtreme. Nina Nesbitt’s newest bop may sound familiar, and that’s because it was on the wonderful and iconic Popheads Charity Rate! And this track is truly charitable, it keeps on giving with Nina’s delivery which jumps and excels, and a chorus that seems like damn near pop perfection.
Nite Jewel - 2 Good 2 Be True
The first single off of Nite Jewel’s newest effort, Real High, it brings funky synths and sunny, spacey vocals. Nite Jewel’s music is more divorced than ever from nighttime, and on 2 Good 2 Be True, she tackles whether or not this newfound happiness is real or not.
Pale Waves - Television Romance
A perfect marriage between The 1975 and Paramore, Pale Waves has the chance to be truly massive. Rock-fixated synthpop isn’t new, but there’s something truly huge about this track. It’s probably the near-perfect chorus, a pinpoint explosion that flows flawlessly over the maximalist, godly instrumental. A true hit band in the making.
Partner - Play The Field
For our creator and pop god, kappyko. It’s unabashedly queer, and for indie rock, it’s unabashedly feminine, and in the best way. Partner embraces high school sexual tension with new context, and the duo oozes charisma, with little self-aware moments like shouting “guitar!” right before the vocals give way to instrumental. It’s poppy indie rock firing on all cylinders.
Princess Nokia - Tomboy
On Tomboy, Princess Nokia snaps over some piercing whistling following an introduction consisting of a marching drum intro, a car revving up, and a sword being unsheathed. “Who that is, hoe? That girl is a tomboy!” she sneers. Nokia isn’t afraid of her own unconvention to beauty standards and uses it as leverage for confidence. “With my little titties and my phat belly, I could take your man if you finna let me,” she raps, and follows through with some straight bars over some straight fire production and you have a winning formula.
Quay Dash - Queen Of This Shit
Produced by SOPHIE, Queen Of This Shit is a leftfield and harsh banger from NYC rapper Quay Dash. It’s about as violent as you would expect from SOPHIE production, and it definitely delivers. With classic SOPHIE weirdness, Quay Dash delivers fierce bars, perfectly complimenting the uncomfortable musings of the most exciting producer in music today. For BreezySeason.
Qveen Herby - Wifey
A hidden tropical bop, Qveen Herby is the newest project from Karmin’s Amy Noonan. Honestly, you all actively chose to ignore Karmin’s masterclass 2016 pop album Leo Rising, so you all better pay attention to one of the best career paths post-one-hit-wonder not called Carly Rae Jepsen. Wifey is a savage track that combines the best of Amy’s pop and rap sensibilities and can go toe-to-toe with any Nicki track. Hopefully, big things are in store for the musician. For SkyBlade79.
Ralph - Cold To The Touch
Cold To The Touch is as 80s as Terminator and legwarmers. For fans of HAIM and Shura, Ralph takes the synthpop wave and recontextualizes these songs through the lens of a gay musician. And, on top of all this, it’s a serious bop. This is for you, HippoSteaks.
Toni Braxton - Deadwood
Not to be confused with the HBO song of the same name, legend Toni Braxton’s newest single is a sparkling soundscape over twinkly guitar and western percussion. It’s more infectious than it leads on, and with a subtle but glorious chorus, it’s hard not to see this being the perfect direction for Toni Braxton in the late 2010s. For PuggleMaster.
Yaeji - raingurl
An infectious dance beat, some sultry yet menacing vocals, and a repetitive but infallible chorus make the gritty runway banger that is Yaeji’s raingurl. It’s perhaps the best track off of Yaeji’s second EP, from a Korean-American producer who’s making a name for herself with seemingly effortless fire production with mesmerizing vocals. “I don’t fuck with family planning,” she snaps. “Make it rain girl, make it rain.” I regret not listening sooner.
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